EB at Whitethorne, WB hopper train at Belspring on Google maps

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Mon Sep 28 01:14:18 EDT 2009

'Twas looking at Whitethorne, VA (former VGN) on maps.google.com, aerial (or satellite) view, and there is an EB coal train being pushed (yes, you can see the helpers) by Whitethorne. from past experience. The train is not on the move yet. This is where the coal trains usually stop to wait on the helpers and it appears that the helpers are in position and ready to shove.
On the west side of the river is a WB hopper train is passing through Belspring and is approaching Parrott. This is an area subject to much discussion and a tour (that I missed) last winter. In fact, the locomotives are just about where the old line connected to the new line. I love looking at aerial view maps like Google and MSN and you have two trains with different functions in service for the same commodity.
If we've already whipped this horse please pardon.

Google link:

Charlie Long

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