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Here is a shortened easier to digest link to the Brian Woodruff N&W photo
gallery on RR Pictures Archives.net.


Here is the long version. Either should work the same. You can cut&past the
URL into your web browser, or most email clients allow you to click the URL
in the email message.


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> For some reason

> >http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/archiveThumbs.aspx?id=17100 won't

> come up for me. Any suggestions ?

> Neil K. Yerger



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> >List:

> >Got this from the NS Fans Yahoo group.

> >

> >http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/archiveThumbs.aspx?id=17100

> >

> >Good for record keeping and modeling.



> Those are some amazing photos - if for no other reason than he was

> shooting the same stuff at the same time I was, but in different

> places. Many of the same locos he shot in Fostoria, Bellevue, and

> Marion I shot in Hammond or Cincinnati around the same time.


> He even has the same two brand new SCL U18Bs I shot at dusk one night

> at Cincinnati's Undercliff yard. And the GP9 2533 - 8/1/74 at

> Pullman, and I have shots of it going both ways through Hammond circa

> early July 74.


> Very cool.


> Andy

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