Location of Thompson's Motel-Shawsville

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OK, brother Dave, here we go:

Thompsons Motel, Shawsville

>From the location, I can't imagine Link recording from here. Mother-in-law says this is it. (I don't argue with her - She's too good of a cook!).

Charlie Long
(you're welcome)

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>I'm trying to locate the site of Thompson's Motel, which may have been on Rt 11 near Shawsville, VA ca 1955-1960. O. Winston Link may have made some recordings from the back of the motel, according to the daughter whose parents once owned this facility. I found only one reference to Shawsville recordings in Link's notes (one of the several missing tapes), but he referred specifically to the station area.


>Thanks for any help you can give me on this!


>Dave Stephenson








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