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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 16, 1909

Sixteen Purchased by Management Because of Increased Business of Line

Roanoke Times: Reports of a most encouraging character are received here in regard to the Virginian railroad. A reporter was informed Saturday morning that the road is hauling every pound of coal that mines along the line can possibly turn out. Preparations for opening up new mines are progressing rapidly, and a number of additional operations will soon be in full swing. The Virginian has contracts for the delivery of every bit of the coal it can get hold of, and its shipments of this product are being rushed through Roanoke with all expedition possible.
As an indication of what the Virginian expects to do in the way of business, it may be said that it has just placed with the Richmond branch of the American Locomotive Works an order for sixteen new engines, nearly all of which will be of the heaviest type to be used for hauling freight. The road has already received from the Richmond plant several splendid locomotives, which have attracted a great deal of attention. With the sixteen engines just ordered added to the equipment, the Virginian will be in position to take care of a still larger volume of freight. Every indication gives promise that the road will enjoy a still larger volume of freight. Every indication gives a promise that the road will enjoy a most successful future.
It was also said yesterday that new cars are being received by the road right along.
[It's uncertain what the sixteen locomotives mentioned in the article were, because most of the locomotives delivered in the ensuing months were Class MB 2-8-2s from Baldwin according to the roster in H. Reid's book, and not from Richmond as the article states.]

Gordon Hamilton

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