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Here is a bing map for the NWHS 2009 convention in Roanoke. Shows location
of Hotel Roanoke, and the NWHS archives. Also has what I consider a simple
route between Hotel Roanoke and the archives. Others can give verbal
directions, other routes, and other details. This should get you started.
In playing with the bing maps realize that you can zoom in/out, do aerial
views, and also "Bird's Eye" views. For example I have attached the birds
eye view of Hotel Roanoke along with the N&W passenger station (now O.
Winston Link museum).


maps.bing.com is Microsoft's version of google maps

- Roger Link

NW Mailing List wrote:

> A couple of helpful answers please for the unitiated. I suspect I may

> not be alone on some of these.



> 1) Could someone give good directions coming into the

> Convention/Roanoke Hotel from I-81 from the north please?


> 2) Then directions to go visit the Society Archives?


> 3) The phone number at the Archives (where there will be a real live

> person) on Wednesday & Thursday for the early arrivals, please?



> Thank you.


> Bob Cohen

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