July 8, 2009 Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS N&W/VGN Program

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Wed Jun 24 13:56:13 EDT 2009

Winston-Salem Chapter President Steve Hutchison asked me to pass
this info on to the N&WHS members. Steve was the quest speaker at the
N&WHS Convention that was held in Winston-Salem, NC. Anyone attending
the N&WHS 2009 Roanoke Convention is invited to join us in Lynchburg,
Va. for our monthly Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS meeting on Wed. July 8,
2009. Log on to www.blueridgenrhs.org to get directions to Charley's
Restaurant. Dine from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Bus. meeting from 7:30 pm to
8:00 pm. Steve's show will start at 8:00 pm or a little before. Some of
the N&WHS members may even be able to see Amtrak #19 "The Crescent" at
Kemper Street Station around 10:00 pm. Anyone that would like to get
more info is welcome to call me. My business phone number is
434-455-7421. I hope you have a great convention!

Take care,
Norris Deyerle
National Director
Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS
N&WHS Member


Here is the description for my July 8th. program. This will be a good
way to "kick off" the NWHS Convention. Maybe you could spread the word
and some of the early arrivals might attend your chapter meeting.

"N&W/Virginian Vintage Slides" presented by Steve Hutchison.

In the 1980's Al Chione offered hundreds of slide sets for sale. If you
were on the mailing list, a multi-page hand written description of every
slide in that month's offering would show up in the mail. I bought all I
could afford at the time but not nearly as many as I wanted. The N&W
slides are from the Bill Price Collection and the Virginian slides are
from the Dave Sweetland Collection. All are from the 1950's and early
1960's. They are all good quality and cover a variety of locations.
I will also throw in some other odds and ends to keep it interesting.

Here are a couple of photos that you can run in your newsletter.

See you soon.


photo 1 N&W K2a 4-8-2 #135 is leaving Winston-Salem Union Station
northbound for Roanoke circa 1956.

photo 2 Virginian PA 4-6-2 #212 is on display at Roanoke in September
1957 for the NRHS Convention.

Both photos by Dr. Herbert Z. Lund from the collection of Mr. John Lund.
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