N&W in 1909--Another fall

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 12, 1909

Enroute to Hunt He Fell Under Train at Passenger Depot

A young man passing through had a narrow escape from death yesterday afternoon by being thrown from train No. 11. He arrived here with the expectation of going down the Clinch Valley on a hunting trip. He got to the train platform just as the train was pulling out and made an effort to catch the first coach. He was leading a bird dog, which he had chained to his wrist, and carrying a gun case in the other arm. The dog balked when he made the effort to get aboard the train, throwing him to the platform. He again made the attempt to board the train, meeting with the same resistance from the dog. This time he was thrown between the car tracks and the platform. By standers quickly pulled him out of danger on his life would have been crushed out.
[Sounds as though the dog was smarter that the young man, but having dogs and guns in a day coach? This is yet another example how open-platform cars tempted people to get on or off moving trains for whatever reason.]

Gordon Hamilton
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