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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 3, 1909

Passengers Thought Shot Had Been Fired and Were Greatly Excited

For the second time in years a passenger on the Norfolk and Western has escaped dangerous injury from a stone thrown at the window of a passing train.
Last night as train No. 6 was pulling through the west end yard someone threw a small stone at the moving train and it struck midway along the day coach. W. H. Mays, a traveling man, who was returning to this city from Tazewell, was sitting at the window when the stone was thrown and he thought that a shot had been fired at the train. Other passengers thought so also and all rushed at once to where the man had been sitting. He and the other passengers nearby said that a shot had been fired at the train, but although the passengers and the conductor looked for the bullet it could not be found.
It is not thought that a bullet was fired as the hole made in the window was too large for a bullet and from the cracks which appeared in the glass it appeared that a small stone had struck the window. Railroad detectives have been put to work on the stone throwing habit and an arrest will be made shortly.
Gordon Hamilton
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