EF box/express car picture #903

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Thanks Jim the web sight is from the VMT.school sight. thanks Dave

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Not having a link to the photo makes it a bit difficult to
respond. N&W 903 was wooden Box Express car, Class EE; there were 10
cars in this class, numbered 900-909; all were converted from N&W Class BG
boxcars; if the photo is of a wooden car, than this is it.

If the car is a steel car I have no reference for

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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Dear Group

I found a picture at the VT.edu sight,of a N
& W American railway express car # 903, but when I look in all my books
the car is not listed. Does any one have any info,or where I can find some
drawing for this car,and what time frame. Thanks Dave

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