Virginian in 1909--Branch lines

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Didn't see the May 28 article, but weren't those N&W branches? I know the
one up Crane Creek to Sagamore was, and I'm pretty sure the Flipping Creek
branch was. Jim Nichols

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Subject: Virginian in 1909--Branch lines

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 12, 1909



Mileage in West Virginia Has Been Greatly Increased--Proposed Extensions

The progress of the construction of railways in this state is attracting
great attention among all the railroad officials, and the mileage has been
greatly increased this year over that of any previous two.

At Clarksburg the Fairmont & Clarksburg Traction Company will build an
extension of the eight miles from Clarksburg to Salem.

At Gassaway the Elk & Little Kanawha railroad company will build a
narrow gauge line from Gassaway on the mouth of the Otter to Rosedale, going
down the Elk river.

[The next paragraph referring to Morgantown is blurred on the microfilm and
is omitted here.]

In addition to the above the Virginian has filed maps and profiles for
two branches, one six miles long up Flipping creek and the other seven miles
up Crane creek to Mora and Sagamore.


[This is just a little follow-up article to the one posted here May 28 about
these VGN branches.]

Gordon Hamilton

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