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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 30, 1909

Winston-Salem, N. C., June 29--Bids will be asked for and considered during the month of July for the immediate construction of the Winston-Salem Southbound Railway. Captain O. H. P.Cornell, chief engineer of the company, was yesterday authorized by the board of directors, in session in the Wachovia Loan and Trust Company's building to call for bids, and it is hoped that within a twelve-month the road will be nearly, if not entirely completed.
The Norfolk and Western will have active charge of the construction work. Chief Engineer C. S. Churchill of the Norfolk and Western was present at the meeting yesterday. He stated that he had been over the plans of the road and found them to be all right, with the exception of possibly a few minor details, which could be straightened out with very little trouble. Captain Cornell and Mr. Churchill submitted a list of contractors who have been doing work for the Norfolk and Western, and these will be invited to submit bids.
President Fries, in calling the meeting to order, said that he had called the directors together to confirm the highly satisfactory statement that the road is now an assured fact. He told of the negotiations that had been pending for several months between him and officials of the Norfolk and Western and Atlantic Coast Line and of how these negotiations had been brought to a successful consummation Friday.
Mr. Fries received a telegram Friday to the effect that the arrangements had been made for the money, but despite the urgings of the local newspaper men, he had not released the story for publication, because he felt it his duty to report to the directors, and he was unable to get the directors together until yesterday.
Mr. Fries went on to say that the road would be built promptly, of the very best material and put in operation with first class equipment. Indeed this is necessary because of the heavy traffic that will be carried over the road.
[I made a trip over the WSS the summer of 1954 as a short-boom operator on the N&W's week spray train. We sprayed the entire WSS line from Winston-Salem to Wadesboro.]

Gordon Hamilton
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