N&W in 1909--Hailstorm

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 9, 1909

Railroad Tracks Blocked Between Shawsville and Big Tunnel

According to Captain W. J. Hutton, conductor of west bound passenger train No. 1, one of the most terrific hail storms in history occurred yesterday afternoon in the Alleghenies between Shawsville and Big Tunnel. He said that the hailstones ranged in size from a hulled walnut almost to an ostrich egg. They were the largest he ever saw, and the railroad track ws blocked for the space of forty-three minutes. It became necessary for his crew to get out and clear away the hail stones before the train could proceed. Captain Hutton sayss that much damage was done to the growing crops in that section of the county.
These was a heavy downpour of rain in Bluefield yesterday afternoon accompanied by some hail, but no damage was done.
[Big Tunnel is now known as Montgomery Tunnel (twin tunnels).]

Gordon Hamilton
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