Virginian in 1909--Rogers' fortune

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
May 27, 1909

New York Paper Says Virginian Builder Left Over Hundred Millions

Henry H. Rogers left an estate of over $100,000,000, a New York paper declares, saying that it bases its assertion on the word of a great financier, who was one of the late Standard Oil manager's most intimate business associates. Mr. Rogers confided the information as to the huge size of his fortune to this man, according to the statement, during a talk with him over the final disposition of his millions.
According to this man, the principal beneficiary of the will, outside the members of his immediate family will be the little town of Fairhaven, Mass., which he loved and cherished always, and converted from a scrappy little seaport village into a prosperous and beautiful community.
It is understood that Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), whose business affairs after his failure were so conducted by Mr. Rogers that he came out of bankruptcy, has been substantially remembered in the will.
[I wonder if the above amount includes the $40,000,000 that he reportedly invested in the Virginian Railway.]

Gordon Hamilton
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