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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
May 7, 1909

Early Building of Rich Creek and Peterstown Line Seems Assured--Feeder for Virginian
A number of the promoters of the Rich Creek and Peterstown railroad held a meeting yesterday at Peterstown, at the office of Squire Ballard, and judging from the manner in which stock was subscribed, it seems to be assured that this feeder of the Virgiianian will be built immediately. Arrangements were made for the survey, J. H. Sluss, of Tazewell county, being secured to do the work. The road will be three miles in length, extending from a point opposite Lurich to Peterstown, and will enable timber to be gotten out of that section of the country. In addition to the timber traffic there is limestone of a superior quality that can be quarried when the means of transportation is furnished. Among those present at the meeting were R. F. Fleshman, S. Y. Summers, J. E. Hansbarger, A. B. Ballard, C. W. Spangler, D. .D. Spangler, W. H. Ballard, Theo. Dulaney and Walter Dunn. About $10,000 of the stock of the proposed road has been subscribed. The lay of the land is such that this road can be constructed at a very low figure and it is expected that all arrangements for the building of the road will be completed within a few weeks.
[Five days previously the news was an electric railroad from Rich Creek through Peterstown to Ronceverte. Now it is a railroad from Rich Creek just to Peterstown. I hope the investors did not lose their $10,000 on this scheme. In this article and a previous one the reporters referenced Rich Creek by its location opposite Lurich on the N&W, probably because Bluefield residents were more familiar with Lurich.]

Gordon Hamilton
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