Looking for turntable plans/dimensions

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Kenneth Rickman have you tried the NMRA archives in Chattanooga. I have been
sucessful in obtaining plans from NMRA in the past. Cal Reynolds
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Subject: Looking for turntable plans/dimensions

>I find myself in need of a couple 80' turntables, with nothing avaiable

>commercially. I'm building my HO scale layout, and need 2 turntables 11"

>in diameter, which works out to almost exactly 80'. Sine there are no

>commercially available models in that size, and hose that are available are

>rather expensive anyway, I'll be building them myself.


> That leads me to my question for these various groups. Are there any

> plans, drawings, or other useful dimensions available for an 80' table?

> I'm most interested in US or at least North American practice, Southern

> Ry. prototype would be ideal. I'm somewhat fond of the Sellers

> turntables, but I'm not sure if they were ever made in 80' lengths. If I

> cannot find any specific plans, I'll have to guestimate the depth of the

> girders and pit, as well as the overall design. Any help would be greatly

> appreciated.


> Thanks,

> Kenneth Rickman

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