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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
April 21, 1909

Enters Into Arrangement to Run Trains Over Chesapeake and Ohio Tracks to St. Albans

The Virginian Railway has taken another stride westward.
It is announced from the general offices at Norfolk that an arrangement has been effected with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway through which the Virginian trains will, not later than May 15th, run over the Chesapeake and Ohio tracks to St. Albans.
St. Albans is twelve miles west of Charleston and forty-four miles west of Deepwater, the recent junction point of the Virginian and the Chesapeake and Ohio. Under the new arrangement the Virginian trains will go through Charleston and on to St. Albans. The reason for their going to the last named station is that there are turn tables there and facilities for turning the Virginian trains around.
It was further said that on or before May 15 a through daylight passenger service will be operated between St. Albans and Roanoke and observation cafe cars will be run. The passenger service between Roanoke and Norfolk is expected to be in complete operation before the other named.
Of the new locomotives ordered by the Virginian, twelve of the Mikado type are due to be delivered by the Baldwin works on May 1; four Mallette [sic] type by the Richmond works on June 1. The latter company are scheduled to deliver three heavy switch engines on April 25th.
Gordon Hamilton
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