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The item "Carload of Laborers" describes the group as 'Hungarians'. From my historical readings, particularly the Johnstown Flood of 1889, the term was used not to indicate nationality, but to identify them as somewhat undesirable and of a lower class. For example, the term was used in 1889 in many reports of looting, alcoholism, etc. after the flood.

Jerome Crosson

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
April 3, 1909

Officials Change
E. J. Shauffner [Microfilm blurred. Best interpretation shown.], who has been general foreman of the shops here for some time, left yesterday for Roanoke where he will take charge of the west end round house, succeeding J. J. Barry, who was appointed master mechanic of the Pocahontas division, effective April 1st.

Carload of Laborers
A carload of Hungarians passed through yesterday morning going to various points in the coal fields.

Foot Badly Mashed
T. R. Fink was the victim of a painful accident yesterday afternoon on the east end yard, when a heavy rail fell on his left foot, mashing that member badly.

Princeton Division Point
Roanoke Times: Division Superintendent L. R. Taylor and Chief Dispatcher W. L. Melvin, of the Virginian Railroad [sic], have been transferred from Roanoke to Princeton, W. Va., and the latter place is to be made headquarters for a division terminus. Victoria is to be the other division terminus. This means that the Virginian has been divided into three divisions, one from Deepwater to Princeton, one from Princeton to Victoria, and the other from Victoria to Norfolk. Mr. Taylor has already moved to Princeton and Mr. Melvin will leave for that place in a few days.
Gordon Hamilton
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