Help needed in Roanoke

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Sat Feb 21 18:50:34 EST 2009

Speaking for those of us up in the hinterlands, I wish we could help! 

Thanks so much for your efforts.

Ted Goodman


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YES! Train lovers of all kinds are welcome! 

You do not have to be a member of either organization to help out. 

Our hope is that if we have enough help we can set up a "fire line"
and save everyone from climbing up and down the stairs. 

All help will be greatly appreciated! 

Ron Davis 

PS - This is NEXT weekend on the 28th, NOT this Saturday! 

At 01:17 AM 2/20/2009, you wrote: 

>To NWRS If someone is just a train buff can they come and help even

>though they don't belong 



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