N&W and Virginian in 1909--Jobs, etc.

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Probably when labor unions demanded health and accident insurance which cost the railroad money. Ron H

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It’s really hard to believe all of the accidents that happened to railway employees in the early 1900’s. I know that the N&W went on to win awards for safety, does anybody know when the N&W began to become more safety conscious and what were the driving reasons? Thanks.
Mike Weeks
Charlotte NC
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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
April 1, 1909

Yard Master at Princeton
     Frank Shaffer, of this city, left yesterday for Princeton, where he will be yardmaster for the Virginian Railway.
Get Jobs on Virginian
    Harve McCoy and Ferd [sic] Melcher left yesterday for Princeton, where they have secured positions with the Virginian Railway.
Both Legs Cut Off
    Kyle Wheeler, brakeman on the Norfolk and Western work train which operates between Roanoke and Radford, had both legs cut off at Walton yesterday.  He was taken to the Radford hospital.  His condition is said to be serious.
[I suspect that the Bluefielders who found employment with the Virginian were N&W employees who saw greener grass on the other side of the fence for whatever reason.]
Gordon Hamilton________________________________________
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