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The Tug Fork ran south from Welch to Pageton which made it the south end. When it was extended farther south to Anawalt that became the new south end of the Tug Fork Branch. However at Anawalt the Tug Fork Branch continued up Little creek to Operation No. 12 and then farther to WV Pocahontas Coal Co at Leckie whereas at the North Fork of Tug Branch Jct the railroad was built up the North Fork of Tug Fork Branch to Jenkinjones in 1912.

Confusion comes from the fact that when the railroad was built it actually went up the North Fork of the Tug Fork to Anawalt, but since there was no railroad running up the south fork of the Tug Fork the branch was simply the Tug Fork Branch which went from Welch to Anawalt and then Leckie (on Little Creek). When the line was extended to Jenkinjones that became the North Fork of the Tug Fork Branch to distinguish it from the Tug Fork Branch that ran up Little Creek.

In 1947 or there abouts the N&W built up the South Fork of the Tug Fork to reach USS NO 14 at Munson. This then became the South Fork of the Tug Fork Branch with South Fork of the Tug Fork Jct located on the far side of the country club where the South Fork and north fork of the Tug join to form the Tug Fork.

Alex Schust
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Building Four Mile Railroad
Contractors yesterday started forces of men at work on the extension of the Norfolk & Wesrtern from Pageton to the United States Steel Company's operations No. 12. The road will be about four miles long. About 200 men are put to work yesterday and the contractors hope to have the grading done by the first of the year. R. M. Bibb and Luck & Co. are the main contractors.
[Apparently the "south" end of the Tug Fork Branch was at Pageton in 1908 and this extension went 3.19 miles farther "south" to later- day North Fork of Tug Branch Jct. where it was another 0.55 miles to U. S. Steel No. 12. The line was later extended both ways from the junction. Anyone have more details?]

Gordon Hamilton


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