Scioto Division/Columbus District line relocation?

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I'm not familiar with the N&W's?Lockbourne relocation (Airbase is now Rickenbacker). I'll keep my eyes open for information.

The sizable grade separation that?Mr Newton perhaps was referring to was further West of Lockbourne?in the late '20's.?It may be called 'near' Columbus, but the improvement?occured along the RR?right through what is now the middle of old Columbus a couple track-miles East?of Joyce Avenue.

It was, indeed, a sizable project?raising the railroad probably 20' vertically beginning from somewhere around the Watkins yard area extending to Joyce Ave and creating overpasses at several of Columbus' main E/W streets. Joyce Ave yard was enlarged substantially.?The Broad Street overpass was a particularly handsome structure which became a classy?gateway to Columbus for Westbound street traffic. It made the cover in the N&W Magazine. I'll look it up.?

Ted Goodman

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Usually,? when a line is relocated,? it results in "long"

miles (more than 5,280 ft.)or "short" miles (less than

5.280 ft.).? Although there?is only one perfect mile

in that area (MP 691-692), there?is no great deviation

in the mileage Ashville to Valley Crossing.? Because

the Lockbourne lead trailed from the westbound

track, maybe it refers to its construction.


If I remember correctly, Louis Newton told me there

was a sizeable grade separation project that took

place closer to Columbus in the 1930's.??

?????????????????????????????????? HarryBundy

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