Scioto Division/Columbus District line relocation?

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Well my excitement was short lived, digging further I have located a 1925 topo online that shows the N&W on the same alignment as it is today -

I assumed a relocation, but it appears not to be the case. Grade separation in Lockbourne perhaps?


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While trying to find some info on an N&W derailment at Lockbourne, OH east of Columbus, I found the following note in the history of Rickenbacker Air Force Base - "Also in April (1942), Norfolk and Western Railroad began laying new mainline tracks along the western side of the base."

Growing up just south of Rickenbacker I had no idea N&W relocated the Columbus District as the base expanded. Looking at an aerial photo such as:

it is very obvious from a current day property/tree line that lines up perfectly with a straight north-south alignment of the Columbus District from London-Groveport Road (SR317) to the the south end of Rickenbacker. (Note you will need to turn labels and scroll around some on the link)

It appears that the 1926/27 construction of the parallel C&O, was already along an alignment further west that did not require any relocation.


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