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Somewhat of a stretch, BUT. . . sometimes John Q. Public
doesn't realize the accuracy required in railroading e.g.
Chapanoke (NC) becomes Champion Oak. Appalachia
and Big Stone Gap aren't that far from Wise and they're in
Wise County. Even the airport at Wise carries the name.
For the know-all of things mechanical, the encyclopedia
of Southern, and the gentleman from Bristol (the one in
the USA, not Great Britain) -- didn't the Southern operate
a passenger train Bristol-St. Charles powered by a PS-1
and known as The Lonesome Pine Special ?

Words & music by A.P. Carter, Sara and Maybelle Carter

"Well I went out this morning,
with rambling on my mind.
I'm going to catch that special,
That train called Lonesome Pine . . . . ."
Harry Bundy
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