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Somewhere in a publication I read that trains 5 and 6 were nicknamed "The
Clinch Valley Clipper." It has been many years since I read it, so I don't
remember the source. I know there were references to the train in a 1957
N&W employee magazine about a special run. The magazine also ran an article
when the train was discontinued a couple of years later.
To see some nice color pictures of the 1957 special run of 5 and 6 go to
this site:

The southern division of NRHS chartered cars for a round trip run Washington
to Norton in May 1957, and one of the participants has posted his pictures
on this site.

--Rick Morrison

> The Bluefield to Norton locals were trains 5 and 6. I am not aware that

> they were ever named. Jim Nichols


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>> Gentlemen,


>> Can either of you tell me the name of the passenger train that went

>> through Wise? A customer wants merchandise that is related to that train.

>> Thanks!


>> Susan Loveman


>> Virginia Museum of Transportation

>> 303 Norfolk Avenue

>> Roanoke, Va 24016

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