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Passenger conductors and brakemen went through up to the end of passenger service in 1962. I had a friend from Front Royal who was a conductor on 1 & 2 at the time. He drove to Hagerstown for his job. When he went in to Roanoke in the morning, he did not go back on duty until the evening of the following day. I think those crews stayed at a place called the Hotel Earl. Is that correct?

After mixed trains 13 & 14 were dropped in 1957, a local freight operated on the same schedule for several years. They were powered by red bird GP-9's. So an engine change must have been made sometimes at Shenandoah to provide power for these trains. A 200 series express box car ran MWF to provide daylight REA service to stations between Hagerstown and Shenandoah. I think this ended in the early 60's, and the local freight then worked north as necessary out of Front Royal, with a fresh unit being dropped there each day.

--Rick Morrison

"Also, did the conductor & brakeman change in Shenandoah or go through to Roanoke ?"

Freight train crews changed in Shenandoah.
Passenger conductors and brakemen, at least at some point, went through. Passenger engineers would lay over and turn back. Time of layover depending on schedule.

Jimmy Lisle


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