The Tug Fork Branch

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Tug Fork Branch is operational in part and used regularly. Coal load outs are still in use on Sand Lick Branch at Elbert No. 7 across from former grade school and at Elbert No. 8 near site of former tipple. Road Fork load out is in regular use on south fork at former Munson No. 14. There are also ammonia storage silos just beyond the grade crossing at Black Wolf Country Club where the track now ends.

The track reamins in some places all the way to Jenkinjones and the bridges are still in place all the way to Jenkinjones or at least they were a couple of years ago.

On Sand Lick the track is in place all the way to Filbert nad is regularly used as they flood load at Elbert No. 7.

Alex Schust
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What is the current status of the Tug Fork Branch?

Google-Earth shows the track in place, but I thought it had been abandoned.

Ed King


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