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I took the opportunity to utilize the castaway caboose on the Durbin line in
2007. What a lot of fun. We went out with a center cab diesel and came
back the next day under steam power. The caboose has been unfitted to
resemble a 70's RV with the bunks left in place. Getting to Durbin is 1/2
the fun of the trip.

R.D. Williams

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At Cass you can also overnight on top of the mountain in
caboose #311 (ex-VGN 311).

Cass had an ex-N&W passenger car that they kept by the depot
which was moved a few years ago. I'm not sure if they
hid it along the tracks up the river or if it is no longer
on site.

The nearby Durbin Rocket has at least one ex-N&W
caboose (nee-Wabash). It also has the "castaway caboose"
where you overnight along the Greenbrier River.

The Tygart Flyer in Elkins was previously using N&W
passenger cars. I'm not certain if they still are.
The ride is definitely worth doing though.

Toney Minter
Green Bank resident - where the sound of steam whistles is
still a part of daily life

Gordon Hamilton wrote:

> Most members of this forum are well acquainted with the Cass Scenic

in the mountain state of West Virginia, but unless you have already seen the
attached Cass photo made this past May, you should be impressed by this line
up of the world's largest collection of geared steam locomotives. There are
six, count them, geared locomotives under steam.


> In fact, where else in America could you find six locomotives of any type

under steam simultaneously?


> Not shown is a Climax locomotive that is being restored at Cass by the

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association volunteers.


> Gordon Hamilton

> Member MSR&LHA

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