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Some of the other changes I can think of besides the previously mentioned
streamlining of the J1's 605-610 is the changing of the spoked pilot trucks
on the first eleven J's 600-610 to a cast solid pilot trucks like those as
built new on 611 through 613. In addition, the bell's were originally
swinging bells located on top of the boiler midway back on the locomotive,
later on they were moved to the left side of the locomotive behind the
running board near the pilot of the Js. Also, the footsteps on the J's
pilots were initially protruding from the pilot, but later were changed to a
recessed position. Furthermore, the J1's received new roller bearing rods
when they were streamlined replacing the huge rods they were equipped with
as built. The last visible change I can think of were the oval shaped air
vents stappled in the sheet metal between the J's pilot and nose-cone.

Steven Ashley
Spartanburg, SC
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