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Actually the citizen of Hinton, WV was correct. The Virginian originally had plans to go through Hinton. I have just finished writing a book on the Kanawha & Michigan and ran across an article in the inception of the K&M on the VGN who also wanted to connect to the K&M route. One of the big financial panics came along and the VGN decided to move to its present trackage. It had plans to go through Summers, Greenbrier and Monroe Counties. A Charleston newspaper reported on December 23, 1913 that the VGN May take over the K&M and oppose the New River Dam. In a letter to T.N. Reed,of Hinton, Vice President Dupuy of the VGN, says:

The VHN Railway does most assuredly expect to build its line down New River from Rich Creek to and beyond Hinton and with this fixed purpose in view it causes us the greatest concern to think that the public service commission of WV may authorize a high dam on that part of the New River, which, if built will seriously interfere with the grade line of the railway.

I am not now in position to state when we will commence the construction of this portion of our line, because it is dependent upon a number of circumstances and negotiations, some of which are going forward at this time; but I can state with the fullest confidence that the VGN railway looks forward to building this line in the near future, and considers it a very, very important part of its general scheme of usefulness to its own stockholders and to the state of WV. In conclusion, I sincerely hope that it will be you pleasure to aid us in preventing such a high dam being built on New River as will interfere with our railroads construction."

The Bluestone Dam was built which probably stopped any VGN railway from utilizing this route.

On another VGN matter--- What do you think of the following:

While a connection to the former K&M railway (NYC) did not occur until 1931 with the building of the Deepwater Bridge, it brought into being the longing of H.H. Rogers of the VGN who first expressed an interest in 1913. If this bridge had been built earlier perhaps the VGN would have lasted longer than 1959? Any comments.

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