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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 31, 1907

Demand Shorter Hours
Shorter hours will be demanded by the railway telegraphers along the line of the Norfolk & Western when the time arrives for adjusting a new scale for next year.
This demand was decided upon at the quarterly meeting of the division, held in Portsmouth, O., when representatives were present from Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.
The telegraphers had made the demand a year ago, but at the time the railway claimed it was impossible owing to the scarcity of operators. The telegraphers feel the railway has had a year's time to prepare for this emergency and so has decided to repeat the demand for an eight-hour working plan instead of twelve, as at present. The eight-hour plan is a state law in West Virginia and will be a national law March 1st, although some means might be found for circumventing it. To avoid this the telegraphers will find some steps of holding down the company to its promise of a year ago.

Gordon Hamilton
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