The Powhatan Arrow

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I believe the Dome cars came from the Wabash merger.

Tom Anson

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> Well, let me see if I get this right from memory. I think the overhead

> observations cars were acquired from the NKP in the '60s. So they never

> ran behind steam unti later, during the excursion train days.


> Sorry for not looking this up before replying, but I'm heading off to

> work.

> Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 20:30:37 -0400Subject: The Powhatan Arrow Hey


> I collect 'O' scale electric trains. These are rather expensive large


> trains, not toys. Anyway, I have a complete Powhatan Arrow train set with

> the #611 engine. This train came with an overhead observation car. I grew

> up in Bluefield during the '40s and '50s and I never recall seeing the

> Arrow pulling an overhead observation car. And the train passed in front

> of our home twice a day in Bluefield, VA. It ran westbound at 3pm and


> eastbound at 4pm. every day. Does anybody know for sure if the Arrow ever

> pulled an overhead observation car? If it did then somehow I missed it,

> but if it didn't then my Arrow model set is not quite as accurate as it

> should be. Thanks for any help with my curiosity. Jack


> Va.

Tom Anson

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