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>I am also attaching a photo made inside Roanoke Shops showing Dome Car 1611 in Pevler blue and lettered for N&W. Anybody want to give the history and disposition of this car?

Yes. Originally Wabash 201, the car was sold to Amtrak, becoming AMTK 9561 in 1971, it was retired in 1984 and purchased by a fellow by the name of Don Williams, who also owns Wabash 202 (N&W 1612) and Wabash 1601, the Budd dome - parlor observation. Reports are that he owns a few other Wabash cars as well, and that at last report the cars remain in Atlanta, Ga., at the former Pullman Shops.

This may have changed since there was talk of redeveloping the Pullman site, and one of the cars, I think 1601, has been moved to the Southeastern RR Museum, which also has Wabash business car "Indiana".

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