The Powhatan Arrow

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There was a dome car on the Powhatan Arrow for a brief while in the
mid/late 1960's, long after the days of steam.

Ray Smoot

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The N&W had no dome cars until the merger with the Wabash, long after
the end of steam. Those Wabash dome cars were painted blue, as were
essentially all N&W passenger cars and locomotives after the merger.
Most of the N&W dome cars I have seen in O (Lionel?) depict a
full-length dome, which never was in the inventory until one came from
Conrail after the recent split with CSX and was repainted from Conrail
olive to NS (N&W match) maroon.
An excellent reference is the website which has
available information on all flavors of prototype dome cars.
There were a few cases of dome cars in fan trip service behind the 611,
including one full-length dome in Milwaukee orange and probably the
Virginia Rail Investment Program dome car which I can't find a link to
at the moment.

Jeff Cornelius

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Hey Guys,

I collect 'O' scale electric trains. These are rather expensive large
model trains, not toys. Anyway, I have a complete

Powhatan Arrow train set with the #611 engine. This train came with an
overhead observation car. I grew up in Bluefield

during the '40s and '50s and I never recall seeing the Arrow pulling an
overhead observation car. And the train passed

in front of our home twice a day in Bluefield, VA. It ran westbound at
3pm and back eastbound at 4pm. every day. Does

anybody know for sure if the Arrow ever pulled an overhead observation
car? If it did then somehow I missed it, but if it

didn't then my Arrow model set is not quite as accurate as it should be.
Thanks for any help with my curiosity.

Jack Tibbs

Martinsville, Va.


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