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Are they finally going to remove that old raggedy diamond? Gary Price

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> Norfolk Southern files for abandonment of 0.9 miles of track

> in Chesapeake, VA.  A copy of the notice that appeared in today’s Federal

> Register is provided below.



> Surface Transportation Board

> [STB Docket No. AB–290

> (Sub-No. 299X);

> STB Docket No. AB–1024X]

> Norfolk Southern Railway

> Company—

> Discontinuance of Service

> Exemption—in Chesapeake, VA;

> Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line

> Railroad Company—Discontinuance of Trackage Rights Exemption—in

> Chesapeake, VA

> Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NSR) and Norfolk and Portsmouth

> Belt Line Railroad Company (NPBL) 1 (collectively, applicants) have jointly

> filed a verified notice of exemption under 49 CFR part 1152 subpart F— Exempt Abandonments and

> Discontinuances of Service for NSR to discontinue service over, and for NPBL to discontinue

> trackage rights over, 0.90 miles of railroad between milepost NS 1.40 and

> milepost NS 2.30, in Chesapeake, VA. The line traverses United States Postal

> Service Zip Code 23324.  NSR and NPBL have certified that: (1) No local traffic

> has moved over the line for at least 2 years; (2) any overhead traffic can be

> rerouted over other lines; (3) no formal complaint filed by a user of rail

> service on the line (or by a state or local government entity acting on behalf

> of such user) regarding cessation of service over the line either is pending

> with the Surface Transportation Board (Board) or with any U.S. District Court

> or has been decided in favor of complainant within the 2-year period; and (4)

> the requirements of 49 CFR 1105.12 (newspaper publication) and 49 CFR

> 1152.50(d)(1) (notice to governmental agencies) have been met. As a condition

> to these exemptions, any employee adversely affected by the service

> discontinuance/discontinuance of trackage rights shall be protected under Oregon Short Line R.

> Co.— Abandonment—Goshen , 360 I.C.C. 91 (1979). To address whether this condition

> adequately protects affected employees, a petition for partial revocation under

> 49 U.S.C. 10502(d) must be filed. Provided no formal expression of intent to

> file an offer of financial assistance (OFA) has been received, these exemptions

> will be effective on June 14, 2008, unless stayed pending reconsideration.

> Petitions to stay that do not involve environmental issues and formal

> expressions of intent to file an OFA for continued rail service under 49 CFR

> 1152.27(c)(2),2 must be filed by May 27, 2008.3 Petitions to reopen must be

> filed by June 4, 2008, with: Surface Transportation Board, 395 E Street, SW.,

> Washington, DC 20423–0001. A copy of any petition filed with the Board

> should be sent to applicants’ representatives: James R. Paschall, Three

> Commercial Place, Norfolk, VA 23510, and James L. Chapman, IV, 1200 Bank of

> America Center, One Commercial Place, Norfolk, VA 23510. If the verified notice

> contains false or misleading information, the exemptions are void ab initio .

> Board decisions and notices are available on our Web site at http://www.stb.dot.gov .

> Decided: May 6, 2008.

> By the Board, David M. Konschnik,

> Director, Office of Proceedings.

> Anne K. Quinlan,

> Acting Secretary.

> [FR Doc. E8–10703 Filed 5–13–08; 8:45 am]

> BILLING CODE 4915–01–P



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