N&W Roanoke, Radford and Virginian related, and, a question.

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Thu May 15 10:15:39 EDT 2008

In the May 08 issue of RAILFAN & RAILROAD are two items of possible interest to us:

Page 12:
In an article by Jeff Terry (preservation news), two Viscose (a '40's and '50's Rayon mfr.) engines have surfaced in New York. One served at the Viscose plant in Roanoke. The other in Nitro, VA and later at Radford Limestone. Where is Nitro, VA? (I know Nitro, WV is near Charleston, WV so don't confuse or think I got fumble fingered). Don't forget there was a Viscose plant in Radford if that has anything to do with the travels of the engines. The engines had been in the Gem City Iron & Metal (ie: scrap yard) awaiting the torch since 1964. No. 6 the Roanoke engine is pictured, all steamed, and looks very good. If this is old news please pardon. I don't recall seeing anyhting on any list about these. I did not know about their being moved. However, I remember photographing "steam engines" in the scrap yard back in the '70's. Will review my 'archives' to see what I have.

Page 44:
Article about Joe Hack, tugboat designer, by Preston Cook. There is some good info on the VGN RY tug W R COE, including a photo of the tug that I had not seen and a nice color photo of a model of it. According to the article, the COE was the first diesel-electric drive?

Charlie Long

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