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Tue May 13 17:17:14 EDT 2008

I have a couple of questions about two of Winston Link's photos, so once more, I turn to the experts:

Panther - Am I correct in presuming that the Panther depot was along the Tug where WV route CR-1 crosses? My mapping software puts it at Lat. 37 -28-59.5 (DMS) and Long. 81-53-45 (DMS)

Gilbert - Is the site of Link's photo on page 117 of Steam, Steel and Stars (engine 2190 near the Massey Mine - and some vey cold icicles) accessible today? I was told by a local resident where it was, but the area has changed so much...

Thanks for any help.

(I would opine on the ugly art museum, but that thread has been closed - and I have not lived in VA, alas, since 1973.)-------------------------------------------John C. AbbottNote:No Trees were harmed in sending this message.However, some electrons along the way were inconvenienced.
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