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I think we've beaten the off topic Art Museum matter to death, but if anyone
is further interested, my art history instructor daughter, Robin, suggests
you google "Guggenheim Museum Bilbao". She writes: "You'll see it's a close
relative to the Roanoke museum. The Bilbao is about the most prestigious
recent museum design around . and it's in the middle of an ancient - at
least by American standards - city. The architect of the Bilbao - Frank
Gehry - was the teacher of the architect of the Roanoke project so there
aren't any surprises here. The museum in Spain has been a great financial
boon to the city, I understand. If you go to the Wikipedia site for Frank
Gehry and scan down a ways, you'll find a list of criticisms of his work,
several of which are like ones expressed [on the NW Mailing List].

Bob McKell


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OT? Please explain to this newbie.


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Our Trash Transfer Station is more attractive than our Art Museum....

A quick apology to the group. I should have added the OT when I first posted
about the art museum. I'm one who gets bent when others don't on some other
lists I am on.


Richard D. Shell

Troutville, VA


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