Shaffers Crossing: of Humps and Cab Tracks

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Sun May 11 23:29:22 EDT 2008

> From: David Gibson <dtgibson49 at>

> Subject: Re: Shaffers Crossing: of Humps and Cab Tracks

> To: "Frank Scheer" <f_scheer at>

> Date: Sunday, May 11, 2008, 6:06 PM

> Frank,


> I do not remember to much about Roanoke Yard. I remember

> reporting for duty at the hump where the orders were pick

> up and the bills to wheel the train were received (O yes,

> and reading the bulletin book prier to the trip), picking

> up the engines at Shaffer's Crossing and the call

> office.


> One summer, I bid and received a flagging position on the

> 2nd TV Shifter. I held this position until the Miners

> vacation, when I was bumped. When I went to get my stuff

> off the cab, it was buried in the middle of the yard. All

> I remember is crossing a foot bridge to get to it. I

> think it took several hours to track down and remove my

> stuff from the cab. From this experience I never left my

> stuff on an assigned cab when holding down a flagging

> position.


> I hope things a going well.


> Dave

May 11, 2008

Hello, Dave:

Interesting recollection. I think the N&W stopped assigned cabs just before I started working in 1974.

All else is well on this end, other than the heavy rains we've been getting. Grass was nearly a foot high at Boyce by the time it was cut on Saturday during a brief break in the weather. Maybe I can still turn the back side of the station into a hayfield if Spring continues this way....

Best wishes,


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