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Suggest that provision be made to offer a look-see at the CSX- Schneider National private pig/container operation based in East Marion at an old WWII military supply depot. This operation as a rent-a-train for the movement of hwy trailers and containers between Kansas City and Marion on a daily train in each direction of approximately 700 miles in length on an absolute schedule, with a departure of 7 PM from Marion for an arrival in Kansas City the next AM. To me its Magical to watch the departure through downtown Marion westbound as it is down grade and at running speed with unbelievable theater of sound and sight of crossing warnings and the sound of this much tonnage at speed between the buildings of "old Marion". The train is basically an "orange streak" of Schneider equipment. I watched it running west out of town one evening just with seconds of sun light left and I felt just like the nine year old in 1949 helping to turn a steam "try daily" on the manual turntable in IRONTON on the DT&I.

To me this is the essence of 21st century RXR; Point A to Point B nonstop with hwy service of several hundreds of truck loads at 438 miles per gallon of fuel. And add; the work it takes to provide the ancient discipline of hard nose ground level management and the operation team to execute this day after day: AWESOME !

This may not be NWHS but this is real interesting railroading. And it is not a mile the east of US 23 which is adjacent to the motel row used by the convention attendees.

I am looking forward to attending this year and one of my attractions is to see more of this operation and Bellevue.

Oakie G. Ford
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