Roanoke Branch line

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I assume you're thinking of the Pumpkin Vine, which runs between Roanoke
and Winston-Salem, NC. It enters the N&W yard in downtown Roanoke,
right beside the shops, under Williamson Rd.

I was unaware that the Virginian yard had a hump. I would love to learn
more about the yard, if anyone has photos or maps. All I know about it
is what is still there today, and for the most part only the east end of it.

Kenneth Rickman

NW Mailing List wrote:

> I grew up in Roanoke in a house overlooking Wasena Park..Much to my

> delight across the park on the banks of the Roanoke River was the

> Virginian Hump and Yard ...Nearest to my street was a N&W Branch line

> .On the black and white N&W Calendar for January this year is a picture

> of an EX C&0 class S1a 0-8-0 Switcher Number 257 coming under the

> Wasena Bridge ..(This may be a dumb Question but I have to ask).. Where

> did that Branch line enter and leave the N&W Yards ? As a kid we

> explored that Branch even rode in the Cab of one of the Engines but we

> only could explore so far...After all these years ..Just thought I'd Ask

> ...Thanks Ken Tanner, Former Roanoker

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