Railfanning in NSW Australia

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A freind in NSW writes:

"Hmm, as far as I know there shouldn't be a prob, as long as he does not
look as if he is "of arabic appearance". They are getting paranoid
about photographing anything - during the recent G8 summit, one poor
mutt was dragged off for photographing manholes 'cos they looked
interesting with the security tape stuck all over them. If on City Rail
property, public area or not, he probably needs a permit. This country
is awash with that sort of bureaucracy.

One small word of caution, if the fuzz/officials do get interested,
don't start arguing, they can get downright nasty.


Dominic Pinto

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I'm two months into a five 1/2 month consulting assignment in the Sydney
area, and I can finally see my way clear to do some serious
railfanning. My question to any NWHS folks in the Sydney area is, what
if any problems might I face in photographing and video recording
CityRail, CountryLink and Intercity passenger trains, as well as the
occasional freight? Obviously, it would be done from public areas, no
trespassing on private property, safely, all the rest of the common
sense things. But, is this frowned upon? Am I likely to attract the
attention of officials? Are there any permits needed?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Phelps
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