1908 - Many Can Find Work at Gary

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Roanoke Times - February 1, 1908


Great Activity in New West Virginia Town - Labor in demand

During the past few weeks there have been a number of men, both
skilled and unskilled, out of employment. The Times is glad to state
this morning that men are wanted at Gary. The works of the United
States Coal and Coke Company at Gary are being rushed to finish
improvements that are being made and workmen of all trades are
wanted, among them forty machinists, blacksmiths, plumbers and laborers.
This will be good news to the working men, and although The Times
is sorry that work must be found out of town by our skilled labor, we
are glad that we are able to do something through our columns to aid
them. Men who desire work at the above mentioned trades would do well
to apply at once. Gary is a good town to live in. It has a number of
attractions and has a location which is interesting to say the least.
It has a bank, capitalized at $50,000; the best company buildings in
the field and everything possible is done for the comfort of the men
and their families. All houses are electric-lighted and have modern
conveniences. A number of contractors are at work in the town on
company work and the United States Coal and Coke Company wants to get
the improvements completed as soon as possible. The work being done
and the names of the contractors follow:

[Trimmed rest of article. Some good news for the 1908 folks]


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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