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Wasn't their a brief article in a recent Trains about the Ms,
focussing on the loco at Strassburg(?)? I believe that it was
written by a contributor to this list.

pete groom
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There is an article in an older ARROW written by Tom Dressler called
the “Traveling Mollie” that discussed the M’s that went to other
owners. I think it was around 1998. The “Traveling Mollie” was
the cover for that issue.

Gary Rolih

Secretary N&WHS

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A long while back there was an article in one of the main railroad
magazines (I am thinking it might have been "Railfan and Railroad")
that dealt with the N&W 4-8-0s, and with what lines some engines were
sold to (i.e.: HPT&D) after their use by the N&W was over. Does
anyone remember what magazine that was? I have tried to do a search
at the Model Raiload Magazine Index but it turned up nothing at all
on the engines.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

<jmlaboda2 at yahoo.com>

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