N&W in 1903 -- Rivals

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I always have wondered, if the fight was so intensive, why did they take so long (30 years) to complete these lines?
Warren Crowther
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The corps of engineers the N. & W. railway company have had at work on the proposed line of railway from Wharncliffe across the country to the mouth of Gilbert creek on Guyan river are still at work and there is every indication that the line will be built. The fight between the rival companies who are striving for possession of the upper Guyan coal beds is growing all the time and now threatens to reach the injunction stage, owning to conflicting claims for right of way. In the meantime the citizens of the coveted district are shaking hands with themselves and making ready to make the most of the opportunities which will be presented when the matter is finally settled.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
August 27, 1903

[Apparently the N&W's rival would have been the C&O in 1903. The N&W did build north from Wharncliffe to Gilbert, and the C&O built southward into the same place. The N&W line was completed in 1933 to provide a western outlet for coal originating on the Virginian's line that was being built at that time down the Guyandot River.]

Gordon Hamilton


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