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Roanoke Times - October 18, 1907


Will Be in Operation by First of the Year

It is stated that at the present rate of progress begin made, that
the Virginian railroad will be in operation from a considerable
distance west of Roanoke to Norfolk by the first of the year.
The road is almost ready for trains all the way east from Roanoke
to Norfolk, and there are only a few placed where the grading and
filling is not completed. The company has a large force of men
working at the different points and are now operating trains for
nearly one hundred and fifty miles west from Norfolk. The track is
completed and work trains are now operating west from Roanoke almost
to Christiansburg.
The big coal wharf has been completed here and it is generally
understood that the principal offices will be located here. It is not
known whether the principal shops will be here or not but the fact
that the company has acquired considerable adjoining property to that
which they already own is taken as evidence of their intention to
locate some of their works here at least. A gentleman in the city
from Norfolk, who is well informed in railroad circles, stated
yesterday that the general impression prevailed that the shops of the
company would be located here, as it was decidedly the most
convenient point and the most centrally located.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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