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Sun Oct 7 14:46:33 EDT 2007

Several weeks ago, I asked about the location of a Link photograph taken on the way to Kermit,WV, and I got some information back which was helpful.

Subsequent to that, I have figured out that the pgotograph was taken at milepost 476. So my question is:

1. What is the easiest way to figure out where that milepost is ( short of walking the ROW and eyeballing ). Someone had suggested a track chart, and there is one in the Archives, but I am confused about the availability of those documents. Can I order one?

2. Also, I was watching an old VHS tape last night that contained a number of shots of the old "photographers briudge" somewhere on the Blue Ridge grade. Is the site of the bridge still accessible, and if so, where it it.

3. Lastly, I have also noted pictures of a device that is supported over the rail bed, and has wires hanging down - like a horizontal comb. What is that device supposed to do?

Thanks in advance for any and all help on any part of the above. -------------------------------------------John C. AbbottWheaton, MD
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