Is "Parent Company" a Misnomer?

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Sun Oct 7 13:52:18 EDT 2007

Only to use this as the most recent example, in the reading the new "N&W Steam in Color" book, there are many references to the PRR as being the "Parent Company" of the N&W. Through the years, this seems to pop up any time the N&W and PRR are mentioned in one sentence.
I feel this is a much overused (abused?) misnomer. Where is it written that the PRR had anything to do with the birth of the N&W? Does the fact that the PRR bought some N&W stock at some point in time automatically qualify the PRR to ask "Who's your Daddy"? If this parenting stuff had actually been true, then why is it also mentioned that the PRR kept their hands off what the N&W was doing?
What do you think?
Jimmy Lisle
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