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The Scioto Div. Time Table eff. 01/08/23 show a water
station between Ashville and Ritts and also one between
Miner and Valley Xing, which you've identified as Reese.
By the time the water consumption table for the Scioto
Div. was completed - 12/16/43 = the facility between
Ashville and Ritts had apparently been removed. It doesn't
show up on the table.

The significance of Cromley ? Certainly I've a lot to
learn about the Scioto Division. The 1923 timetable
had no provision for psgr trains to stop (or flag) at Cromley.
The 1983 track chart doesn't show a siding there and the
1972 List of Stations and Sidings indicates there was no
agent NOR governing station for Cromley. It did have a
station number - 10639.
Harry Bundy

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