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The water tanks at Reese were two in number in the early 1940's, a older
50,000 in wood and a steel 150,000 gal unit. There was a standard N&W type
water softener there too. The Scioto valley Traction power house sat to the
west of the tracks ( N&W and SVT) north of Big Walnut and the N&W tanks sat
to the east of the tracks and north of the creek. The powerhouse was
dismantled in 1941.

Today, Reese is roughly two miles south of I-270 loop and 5 miles south of
Watkins Yard.

Gary Rolih



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Between Ashville and Ritts on the N&W, there had been

tanks supplied from Big Walnut Creek. The tanks had

a storage capacity of 150,000 gals. Use of one of the

tanks was discontinued during the winter. Between

Jan. 1 and October 31, 1943, an average of 0.4

trains/day stopped to take on 7,000 gals. This water

station was apparently known as Reeses.

Harry Bundy


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