Stone Arched Trestle

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I've seen that structure, as well, but it's not easy to stop there for a
photo. When would it have been built?

J. Kelling

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Order "Iron Horses in the Valley" at the Society Commissary. The B&O
railroad was aiming for Salem but the Pennsy backed the Shenandoah
Railway and B&O couldn't compete (as usual).

Craig Close
Balimer, Merlan
OK: Far West Catonsville
OR: Greater Oella

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It is most likely old and boring news to you longtime railfans but when
traveling south from Staunton, VA on Interstate-81 I've noticed what
appears to be an old (possibly narrow gauge) stone arched trestle on the
west side of I-81S, just a mile or so south of the I-64/I-81
interchange. Letting my imagination run wild I can also see what might
be old roadbed segments and possibly other railroad-related structures,
such as heavy stone culverts and trackside stone foundations, in the
hillsides and farm fields west of the highway.

Could these really be old railroad remains? I've read about a
Shenandoah Valley Railroad line( *) that extended from Staunton south
and then west into West Virginia. I believe it may have been abandoned
when more useful connections were made from Stauntonsouth toward Roanoke
via routes through Stuarts Draft.
(*) I think there may have been several early railroads that either
actually had that name or were generally know by that name.

Can anyone give me a history lesson about the trestle and the railroad
it belonged to? Is there a good reference source for studying the
history of these early and now abandoned lines? Are there any other
remains and structures that might still be visible?

Thanks, Bob Brown

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